Those that know me have read and heard that being a father has been the greatest joy of my life. Part of my fatherhood journey has included capturing stories of my children’s lives and telling stories of my life. My journey led to the eventual creation of Legacy Journal, which allowed me to spread the message and create a movement with parents around the world.

After almost four years of pouring my heart into this venture, it is time to say goodbye. It is not because of a lack of passion. I naively assumed that when people reacted so enthusiastically when I explained what we were doing, this would be a huge hit and skyrocket to hundreds of thousands (and then millions) of users. 

That is not how reality played out.

We were never able to reach profitability and I was never able to find a scalable marketing channel with a positive ROI. So now, I must make the VERY difficult decision to shut down the project that has meant so much to me, our team and our loyal customers.

To Our Users

You are doing something that will be treasured by your children and by future generations of your family. I am incredibly grateful that you found Legacy Journal and started your journey of capturing the precious moments of life before they fade from memory.

Please keep doing this! 

We are working with the leadership team at Day One Journal to create a seamless import of your data (if you so choose). Know that I wish that Legacy Journal could have been the forever home for all your stories. I am excited that Day One has new features on its near-term road map for Premium subscribers that will include allowing multiple family members to journal into one account (as we did at Legacy Journal). I have always considered Day One to be the “Gold Standard” of digital journals and I know it will be a great steward of your memories.

To Our Paying Customers

Every single time a paying subscription came through, I was thrilled to know that another person truly understood the value of storytelling and annotating those stories with photos, videos, and audio. Thank you for your belief in Legacy Journal and for voting with your dollars for the success of our company. I am forever grateful.

To My Investors

This was not a project that was funded by random angel investors whom I had never met. This was funded by my personal funds, my friends, family, and personal relationships. You believed in the mission and believed in me. 

We all knew the stats of startup ventures, yet I believed we would beat the odds. Know that I gave my all to this venture. I wanted to be working and growing this company (and our investment) for the next decade. I have visited with each of you individually and you have been extremely gracious and understanding. I will remember that forever.

To My Advisors

I started this company as a non-technical founder. I simply did not know what I did not know. Fate and the hand of God led me to connect with each of you. Through our relationship, I learned so much and grew as a leader and entrepreneur. 

You made introductions and connections that would have been virtually impossible on my own. You made time for me in your busy schedules. You talked me off the ledge during the crazy stressful moments. You shared best practices from other successful companies in the tech space. And you poured your heart into me and my team. I can’t thank you enough for your support, guidance, and advice.

And Lastly, To My Team

What started out as a small team of two eventually grew into a dozen people across the country and around the world. You gave your heart and soul into creating a product that people loved. You took incredible care of our customers and you were constantly finding ways to go above and beyond. 

Your belief in our mission and our vision for the future was undeniable. Working with you was a great honor and something I will cherish. I wish each of you a future filled with personal growth, work that challenges you to be your best, and joy found in every day.

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Download and Begin Recording Your Legacy Today!

Legacy Journal is free to download!

Download and Begin Recording Your Legacy Today!

Legacy Journal is free to download!

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Legacy Journal is winding down at the end of September 30, 2022. Don't lose your data! Export your entries now. See our Help Center to learn how.