The Little Shoes That Made Me Realize TIME is All We Have

I shuffled into my dimly lit bathroom at my normal 4 AM wake up time. Groggy, yet ready once again to start my day. As my feet crossed the tile floor I stumbled over whatever toy du jour that was left in my path.

My 2 year old son had not yet learned to put away his toys (or his clothes, or anything else for that matter).

kai bathtime fun

I frustratedly lodged a mental complaint as I turned on the light to see what had so rudely interrupted my morning routine.

The light illuminated a tiny little pair of Croc sandals that caused me to stop in my tracks.

All of the sudden I was filled with emotion from the realization that TIME IS FLEETING. This moment in time, when my little guy is just figuring out so many things for the very first time, will be gone in an instant.

Gone was my frustration of tripping over toys, shoes, clothes, games, and so many other things. I simply wanted to pick him up and freeze-frame time. To remember and treasure this moment forever.

I wanted to spend all day just hugging on my little angel. Teaching him about laughter, generosity, and love.

I wanted to tell him (and me) that it is OK if he wants to sleep in our bed because it make him feel safe.

I wanted to just sit and BE with him. Ensuring that he knows he is loved unconditionally.

So I decided to take off work early and spend the afternoon with my sweet little guy. We went to the park and he swung on a “big boy” swing for the very first time. He played on the jungle gym and slid down the slides. We spent the afternoon smiling, laughing, and making great memories together.

That evening I recalled the events of the day. I took 20 minutes and I wrote in his journal and told him exactly how much I love him and how grateful I am for every moment we have together.

That story was added to the dozens of stories I have captured in my journal to him that began the first day we met him via our initial sonogram. I am slowly capturing the little moments of life so that he (and I) can recall the vivid details many years down the road.

I snapped a picture of those sweet little Croc shoes so that I could forever remember just how little they are and just how quickly he is growing.

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Download and Begin Recording Your Legacy Today!

Legacy Journal is free to download!

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