Words carry power.  Words can start wars, and they can melt hearts.  They can repair relationships, or tear them apart. The way we say the words, and the ones we choose to say, matter.

The words we say to our children carry the most power. Whether it seems like it or not, our kids look up to us, and the way we talk sticks with them. The word choice we use with our kids will have a lasting impact on them, without us even realizing it.

Our children need to hear the right words from us.  Words of affirmation and positivity and confidence, both in how we speak to them and the people around us.  Surrounding your child with words like “I love you”, “I’m proud of you”, or “I believe in you” will take their development and confidence levels to new highs. Using those words not only with them, but with your spouse, with their siblings, with your friends, and with extended family, has an impact.

It teaches them to have confidence and love for themselves, and for others.  

But sometimes, saying these words to our kids isn’t easy.  Not because we feel they don’t deserve the praise, but because it can be uncomfortable to say.  If you didn’t grow up in a home with parents or adults who said these words to you, then it may be difficult to find the words to say to your children or even the confidence to say them. But, the beautiful thing about words is you don’t always have to say them out loud to get the message across.

Although saying the words to your child can be an extremely positive force in their life, if that’s not something you’re able to do right now, you can write them down.  Put these words in a journal, or a lunch note, or a letter for them to read.  How you get the message across is completely up to you- what’s important is making space for these words to be shared.

If you feel like you’re not able to say these words to your child, or even if you are and you really want to send all of your love to them, writing these words in a safe and secure place, like the Legacy Journal App, can be invaluable to your child.  They can take these notes of love and affirmation with them throughout their life, all stored in one little app.

If you’re interested in writing your words of wisdom and love to your child through Legacy Journal, you can download it right *here*!

And remember – you’re creating your legacy, each and every day.

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Download and Begin Recording Your Legacy Today!

Legacy Journal is free to download!

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