What are the Milestone moments of life? More importantly, how are you saving them to look back on years from now? It’s so easy for these important moments to get washed away into our camera roll… Here’s how to solve that!

Milestone Moments

These are the big moments, the big rocks, the growth chart moments you just can’t forget.  The day your child is born, the day they take their first steps, losing their first tooth, their first play, the first day of high school (and the last), and every big event in between.  These moments continue even past their time at home, like the day they get married, and the day they have a child of their own.

The most important thing during these moments is to recognize and cherish every second of them.  But, there’s another part of these moments that’s just as important.

Capture the Moment

Whether it’s with a photo, a video, or even an audio recording – capture that moment forever.  But don’t let it get sucked into the white noise of the thousands of photos and videos in your camera roll.  

Go above and beyond the typical parent! Take a moment to write a story of the day.  Just a few sentences about why the event was important, who was there, or how you were feeling can transform the way you look back on that memory forever.  Make sure to save that story in a safe place, like a handwritten journal or digitally through the Legacy Journal app! Whatever it is, make it easily accessible, for any time your or your family feels like taking a trip back in time to relive these precious memories.

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And remember – you’re creating your legacy, each and every day.

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Download and Begin Recording Your Legacy Today!

Legacy Journal is free to download!

Download and Begin Recording Your Legacy Today!

Legacy Journal is free to download!

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