Capture Family Milestones and Moments With a Digital Daily Journal App

Milestone moments with your children are getting washed away in your camera roll every day, but a daily journal app can solve that and ensure that even as time slips by, your greatest memories will never be lost or forgotten. A digital journal is always within reach on your mobile phone, always ready to capture precious moments. The challenge is getting into the habit of using that daily journaling app to record what matters.  

The good news is it’s much easier and faster than you think to start digital journaling, and to make it part of your routine.  In reality it doesn’t have to be daily. Weekly or even a few times a month is enough to create something impactful. A digital diary is something you can give as a gift to your children, or share with grandparents, but the reward is something you will feel each day. Digital journaling helps you connect with your loved ones and feel more present in their lives with each entry.

Legacy Journal is purpose-built for this kind of family journaling. It’s not just a traditional diary translated into an app.  It’s journaling rethought.  Every picture, every video, audio clips, or just a quick thought or piece of wisdom, can be captured quickly either in the moment or when you have time to go back and reflect.  Traditional journals are about long-form writing, but digital journaling is about capturing the moments with or without text as they happen and when they matter.

So what should you capture?

Milestone Moments

These are the big moments, the big rocks, the growth chart moments you just can’t forget.  The day your child is born, the day they take their first steps, losing their first tooth, their first play, the first day of high school (and the last), and every big event in between.  These moments continue even past their time at home, like the day they get married, and the day they have a child of their own.

The most important thing during these moments is to recognize and cherish every second of them.  But, there’s another part of these moments that’s just as important.

And how should you do it?

Capture the Moment

Whether it’s with a photo, a video, or even an audio recording – capture that moment forever.  But don’t let it get sucked into the white noise of the thousands of photos and videos in your camera roll.  

Go above and beyond the typical parent! Take a moment to write a story of the day in your digital journaling app.  Just a few sentences about why the event was important, who was there, or how you were feeling can transform the way you look back on that memory forever.  Make sure to save that story in a safe place, like a handwritten journal or digitally through the Legacy Journal app! Whatever it is, make it easily accessible, for any time your or your family feels like taking a trip back in time to relive these precious memories. Over time, the family journal you create just might become one of the most valuable heirlooms you could ever imagine. 

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And remember – you’re creating your legacy, each and every day.

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Download and Begin Recording Your Legacy Today!

Legacy Journal is free to download!

Download and Begin Recording Your Legacy Today!

Legacy Journal is free to download!