Kids Say The Funniest Things…

One of the most fun (and occasionally embarrassing) parts of being a parent is hearing the hilarious things our kids say! They really don’t have much of a filter, so their brutally honest takes on life are so interesting to listen to.

Kids see the world in a completely different way than adults do. They aren’t trying to sound smart or avoid saying certain things, so most of the time the things they say are exactly the thoughts that pop into their head, which makes for very entertaining conversations.

My son Knox has always been funny like this, and always has the best one-liners. One of my favorite stories is when my wife Amber took him to the dog park. There was a big dog getting pretty “friendly” with a smaller dog, and upon seeing this Knox says “Hey look! That little dog is giving the big dog a piggy back ride!” Amber absolutely lost it – that adorable childhood innocence and excitement can be so hilarious.

Another funny thought Knox shared with us I later learned is actually a pretty common expression, but hearing it come from his little mouth made it that much funnier; he said, “Why does Saturday seem so close to Monday, but Monday is sooo far away from Saturday?” He finally put my feelings on the work week into words!

I’d like to think I’ll always remember little sayings like these, but the reality is they’re such small moments, and it’s easy to forget them. That’s why taking the time to journal these memories is so valuable. In fact if it weren’t for my Legacy Journal, where I’ve written tons of memories like these for each of my children, I probably wouldn’t have remembered these moments to share with you today.

If your kids are just as witty as mine are, it’s time to start capturing these moments to share with them later on. It’s such an amazing reminder of how important this unique outlook on life can be, so write them down! Whether it’s in a handwritten journal, or the Legacy Journal App, these are memories you’ll want to keep for a lifetime. You can download and start writing your Legacy Journal right *here*.

And remember, you are creating your legacy each and every day!

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Download and Begin Recording Your Legacy Today!

Legacy Journal is free to download!

Download and Begin Recording Your Legacy Today!

Legacy Journal is free to download!

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