How to be a Magic-Maker

As parents, we naturally become the magic-makers of the family. We are responsible for creating good times and nixing the bad ones right in the bud. Being active and present in your family’s life is the best way to create magic-moments that end up being lifelong memories. Magic moments can be anything from having a movie night or game night, singing songs to your children before they go to bed, or having your child choose the agenda for a day together. Anything that you find special, can become a magic moment in your family’s life.

Creating a magic moment can be as simple as planning a movie or game night for your family. Try choosing two or three movies to watch that your family would enjoy together. Spice it up by heading to the store and grabbing movie theater snacks that your family loves. Make it even more exciting by turning the living room into a fort! Gathering lots of blankets and pillows for the evening ahead will make it magical and memorable.

Planning a day for you and your child to spend together is another way to create a magic moment. Better yet, handing the agenda over to them to decide what the day entails can be even more memorable. Talking to your children about their favorite activities you have planned in the past and going to do them, is a great way to create a magic-moment in your kid’s life. It’s the small things such as letting the kids take the reins of the day that will create long-lasting memories for you and your children.

Another way to create a magic moment includes going outside and enjoying the fresh air. Playing in the yard or going to the park is underrated and often overlooked these days as technology is so prevalent, but a simple walk to the park with your child could create a magic-moment you both cherish.

Cutting loose is another tip to create a magic-moment. So often we are caught up in being parents and sticking to rules, but why not let loose every once in a while and just let life be? Perhaps this includes having a messy baking day in the kitchen or finger-painting in the backyard. Anything that may seem out of the ordinary from your typical parenting guidelines will do! 

Being a magic-maker is a huge role along with being a parent. However, creating moments that turn into memories, is something we shouldn’t take for granted. Creating magic-moments for your family might just be the way to have long-lasting memories you will cherish forever. 

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