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Export Journals to a Beautiful Designed PDF or HTML Format

Whether you have a Basic plan or a Family plan, everyone can access this awesome feature!

Exporting your journal entries is a great way to preserve your entries offline or even gifting entries to your loved ones. Your Legacy Journal has an easy way to select and send your entries for printing and storing. 

You have all the power to choose what to share and not to share. You can choose to share a specific entry, an entire year’s worth of entries, just entries with certain tags, and more.

Here’s how:

  • Select the settings button in the lower right corner of your feed
  • Click the setting icon next to your user photo
  • Select account settings
  • Tap Export my data
  • Filter journal entries you wish to export 
    • You can select entries to export by family members, milestones, dates or tags. You can even select & unselect which specific entries you want to export!
  • Choose all entries or select entries
  • Tap Export Entries

Your exported entries will be automatically sent to your email address on file in zip folder.

Now you can view your exported journal entries in beautiful designed PDF or HTML Format.

HTML Export Overview

HTML Individual Entry and PDF Format View

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Legacy Journal is winding down at the end of September 30, 2022. Don't lose your data! Export your entries now. See our Help Center to learn how.