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Share Journal to Family and Friends (aka “scribers”)

Share access with family, friends, or whoever you want contributing to your journal collection. Adding scribers, or someone who can contribute to your journal, is super easy.

Here’s how:

  • Tap Settings 
  • Select Family Member
  • Tap Invite
  • Invite Scriber
  • Enter their email address 
  • Choose if you wish to make your entries Private – This means, they can only view and edit the entries they make.
    • If you choose Not to make your own entries private, you can both see each other’s entries.
    • Please note also that you are only able to edit your entries.
    • The same goes with the Scribers they are only able to edit their own entries
  • Then, tap “Send Invite”
  • Choose send
Adding Scribers

A prompt will show that the invitation has been sent. Once they accept the invitation, the “Pending” status showing beside the family member’s name will change to a check mark.

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