Fulfilling Ways to Get Involved in your Community

Getting involved in your community is beneficial for both your mind and body. Giving back to the place you live, is a great way to feel connected and show that you care. Through service work, there is a sense of solidarity and strength that comes from getting involved and participating in even the smallest of activities. Below are 5 ways to get involved and feel connected to the community you call home.



Volunteering is the number one way to get involved in your community. With thousands of ways to volunteer, you are hitting only the tip of the iceberg. Try looking for service projects such as planting trees, growing a community garden, or weekend trash pick ups. While these may seem insignificant, lending a helping hand is always needed in any community and is greatly appreciated.



For those with busy lives, donating is another way to show your support for your community. Going through old clothes or boxes of things in the house you no longer use and taking those items to a donation center is a great way to give back. Try looking at your town or city’s website for local food banks, clothing drives, or organizations you could donate to that align with your beliefs. 


Support Local Businesses

Shopping local is another way to feel connected to your community. There are all kinds of small, local businesses in every community that need your help. By shopping at locally owned businesses, you can support the shops that make your community rich and full of life.


Join an Organization or Team

Joining a local organization or team that aligns with your beliefs or shares your favorite hobby is a great way to get involved. You might even meet new friends and families! Getting out of your comfort zone and joining a group of like-minded people in your community will help you feel connected and like you are a part of something greater than yourself.


Attend Local Events

Try keeping an eye on your local newspaper, newsletter, or website for events held in your community. These are great opportunities to get involved and understand what is happening in the community you call home. By attending local events or meetings, you will feel more connected to your neighbors and peers who live and work in the same community you do.

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Legacy Journal is free to download!

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