The most valuable gift we can give our kids is quality time together.  Whether it’s a daddy-daughter date night, or a mother-son beach day, spending time with each of your children is something they’ll never forget. It’s also an amazing memory to create for yourself as a parent, to see just how much your child is growing and learning every day.

I’ve always loved doing things as a family, like having family dinners or traveling together.  But one of my favorite parts of being a dad is spending time alone with my kids as they grow up.  With my daughter, Grace, some of my favorite memories were Daddy-Daughter Dances at her elementary school, and going out to dinner and concerts together.  My oldest son, Knox, and I have always shared a passion for hunting and fishing, and it’s been so amazing to pass that on to him.  And with my youngest, Kai, I love seeing how fast he is growing, and how much our special time together changes every few weeks.

I first learned the importance of having these “date nights” when I read the Family Board meeting book by Jim Sheils several years ago. Initially, I figured it would be some kind of official meeting our family would have every week.  But after reading the book, I discovered how much freedom and fun these “Board Meetings” would bring to our family.

There are a few keys to having a great “Board Meeting” with your kids.

First, it should be an individual activity with each child, one-on-one. No siblings, no friends, just a few hours together. This creates a private space that only you and your child share, and I cannot emphasize just how important this is. If that means going out for coffee, taking them out for dinner, or even just a walk around the park, letting your child know that this is a place where they can be open with you is absolutely crucial.

Second, your child should be included in planning what you do. If your child is choosing the activity, you know it’s something they will be completely engaged in, rather than something you’ll have to drag them along to. Don’t just choose what’s easiest for you, this is the time to create a new experience together, and make a memory you and your child will always share. 

And finally, this should be a tech-free time. This goes for both parent and child – no posting to social media, no answering emails, no texting. Just fun quality time together! It can be hard to pull yourself away from the phones for a bit, but removing that distraction leads to a whole new conversation and level of connection you just can’t get otherwise.  

Now that my oldest daughter is off at college, I’m realizing just how much I valued the special times we had together one-on-one.  I’ll always have time for each of my kids, but being intentional about setting this time aside every month, or even every week, was a game changing experience for all of us.

And the best part about these “Board Meetings”? They’re perfect content for my Legacy Journal to each kid! Not only will we have these memories forever, but now we can look back on them whenever we want.

I hope that you can start implementing “Board Meetings” with your family, because this is something that has absolutely changed my life. It may not be easy at first, but once you get the hang of it, you will realize not only how amazing these moments can be, but also how powerful it is for you to be able to strengthen the most important relationship of your life.

And if you’re interested in not only creating these moments, but preserving them for your legacy, I would love to see how these “Board Meetings” are impacting your relationship with your children inside of the Legacy Journal app, which you can download here.

And remember – you’re creating your legacy, each and every day. .

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Download and Begin Recording Your Legacy Today!

Legacy Journal is free to download!

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