Could one gift change your life?

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A few years ago, I gave my wife a gift that continues to make an impact on my life with each passing day.

When I gave it to her, it seemed more like a novelty. It was a thoughtful idea, but I had no idea how much it would mean to her (and me) as time went on.

It was cool. And it was not too expensive. It was practical. And it was something she could use every single day.

What was it? It was a digital photo frame. It had a 10″ screen and inputs to accept an SD card or USB memory stick.

Photo by Nynne Schrøder on Unsplash

I bought it for her office and she kept it there for about a year. We had loaded about 50 photos of our family and her friends so she could see them while she worked. As she changed offices it eventually made its way to our home. I took over the task of updating/uploading pictures and purchased an 8 gigabyte USB memory stick and started adding photos to it every few months.

And each month as I added more photos, the “stories” it would tell got more and more robust. What I have learned in the process is that we tend to display those photos that are most important to us. We choose the ones that are filled with the people we love, with the places we have travelled, and with the experiences that have filled us with joy and happiness. They are filled with smiles, laughter, and love.

Photo by Ben White on Unsplash

I now find myself often getting lost in time as I watch the photos randomly cycle on the display. There are pictures from the birth of my youngest son, pictures of my older kids learning to ride their bicycles, and pictures of our many trips together as a family. There are silly pictures of us cutting up and having fun. There are pictures of the friends in our life that mean so much to us. There are pictures of date nights and boys trips. There a pictures of our friends, both near and far. There are pictures that tell many of the stories of our lives.

And as the years keep going we now have almost 1,000 pictures loaded onto our little USB drive. As the photos cycle through I get to see the evolution of our lives.

I am constantly reminded of happy times. And I am filled with gratitude for the great times we have had together as a family and with our friends. What an unexpected and long-term benefit for a gift I had given to my wife. And our friends get a big kick when they see themselves on the pictures as they cycle through. It makes them feel special and cared for to see themselves displayed in our home.

Do you have any friends or relatives that are seemingly impossible to buy gifts for?

Photo by Preslie Hirsch on Unsplash

They either already have everything they could possibly want, or they are just so picky that nothing seems to satisfy them?

I have a handful of folks like that in my life. One good friend in particular seems to have all of the cool toys and gadgets that he could want. He is financially in a great place and if he finds something he likes, he gets it for himself.

So I decided to give him this gift that continues to mean so much to me. Not MY frame, of course. I bought one for him, picked up a high-capacity USB drive, and loaded it with over 100 photos of his family, our families together, the trips we have taken together.

The gift was a HIT. And the next time we spent time together I saw his wife loading hundreds of additional photos to the drive. He loves it, his wife loves it, and his kids love it. It is now proudly displayed for all to see who visit their home. And as a bonus, all the pictures I loaded of us together will remind him of our friendship and the wonderful times we have shared together.

It has now become my “go to” gift for the people who are important in my life. It is a conduit for reflection, for happiness, and for gratitude. And that is the kind of thing I love to bring to others.

So do yourself a favor. Go out today (or visit my favorite online store) and treat yourself to a gift that will bring you joy, smiles, and gratitude for years to come.

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