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15 Quotes from Everyday People (PLUS resources for help)

How does it feel to be a part of history, as it’s happening? Terrifying? Exhilarating? Surreal? All people, all over, …

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5 Facts About Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Hello again, friends! Before you start reading, I want you to take a deep breath in, hold it for four …

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Over 450 Photos and 1-Year of Memories – LOST!

2003 was a magical year (until it wasn’t). My daughter, Grace, was born in December of 2002, so the entire …

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5 MORE Parenting Blogs We Love

Last week, we explored 5 Parenting Blogs You Don’t Want To Miss. These parenting blogs give tips, advice, recipes, and even …

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5 Parenting Blogs You Don’t Want to Miss

If you are anything like me, you love researching ways to improve your life as a parent. Or advice on …

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Ready for a good Valentine’s Day laugh?

Recently I read a post on Reader’s Digest that had me laughing hysterically. The story about meeting online was one …

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Are you prepared for Valentine’s Day?

This post is brought to you by Jessica Cleveland – mother, writer, creative producer at Under the Tower Productions, and team member at Legacy Journal …

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Could one gift change your life?

This post is brought to you by Ken Wimberly, founder of the Legacy of Love app. A few years ago, …

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Did you know that parenting is hard?

This post is brought to you by Jessica Cleveland – mother, writer, and creative producer at Under the Tower Productions …

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How to Dramatically Increase Your Results in 1-Minute Per Day

This post is brought to you by Ken Wimberly, founder of the Legacy Journal app. Like most of the world, …

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Your Digital Journal is a Forever Gift For Your Child

As a son, the most impactful gift I ever received was a leather bound scrapbook, and I know that the …

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Legacy Podcasts

Legacy of Love founder, Ken Wimberly, has been featured in a number of podcasts over the last year in promotion …

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