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Dad Lessons

A Few Lessons From Dad

As our kids grow up, we do our best to teach them all of the important things.  We teach them …

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Family Magic Moments

Magic Moments

What does it mean to create and capture the magic moments of life? Magic moments can be found anywhere, whether …

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Milestone Moments

Milestones + Moments

What are the Milestone moments of life? More importantly, how are you saving them to look back on years from …

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Letters from Bobby

I was warming up and hitting golf balls at the driving range when I got the news. My mother had …

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The One Perspective That Can Keep You Focused on Your Legacy of Love

I adored him, I ignored him, and now I’m adoring him again.   My oldest son Aidan will be a …

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Save the Date! Four Ways to DIY Your Staycation

It’s a new year, a fresh start! It’s the perfect time to reconnect and exercise those gratitude muscles. Now more …

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Front Row Dads

Four Ways to Find Your Tribe and Network Authentically

Four Ways to Find Your Tribe and Network Authentically

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Family Board Meetings

As a way to combine the business practice of weekly board meetings and connecting with your children or spouse, the …

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Fulfilling Ways to Get Involved in your Community

Getting involved in your community is beneficial for both your mind and body. Giving back to the place you live, …

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Alternative Schooling Options to Help your Child Learn More Effectively

The idea of alternative schooling is becoming ever popular especially in today’s time of COVID-19. However, many parents don’t even …

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Why you Should Have a Morning Routine

If your current morning routine consists of you hitting snooze 8 times then flying out the door because you’re almost …

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How to be a Magic-Maker

How To Be A Magic-Maker

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