How A Father-Son Trip Is The Best Way To Make Memories

Father and Son Trip Memories

My oldest son (Knox) is now 16 years old. The conversation and bonding that used to come so naturally seems to have long since passed. We now have just a handful of topics that he cares to talk about… cars and making money are the two that top the short list. And even those conversations […]

Do You Have What it Takes to be Unbreakable?

I did it! Eliud Sangabriel and I (Ken Wimberly) participated in the Unbreakable 24-Hour Challenge (created by Thom Shea). I learned a lot about myself and will do my best to describe the experience in detail.

How to Journal Through The Chaos in the Making

Did you think, just two-three months ago, that you would be where you are right now? We are now living in an uncanny, historical time. The COVID-19 pandemic has wreaked havoc on the entire world.  Instead of offering encouragement, the spread of fear and panic is prevalent in the media, with headlines that highlight doomsday scenarios, death tolls, and governmental failures.  Lockdowns, severe travel restrictions, […]

5 Facts About Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Hello again, friends! Before you start reading, I want you to take a deep breath in, hold it for four seconds, then exhale. Do this a few more times, then remember… everything is going to be okay. Do not panic. The coronavirus (COVID-19) is all over the news and social media. Fortunately not all information […]

Over 450 Photos and 1-Year of Memories – LOST!

2003 was a magical year (until it wasn’t). My daughter, Grace, was born in December of 2002, so the entire year of 2003 was filled with “firsts” in her life and little milestone moments. I was proud beyond belief. And she had me wrapped around her beautiful tiny little fingers. Our lives were full of […]

5 MORE Parenting Blogs We Love

Last week, we explored 5 Parenting Blogs You Don’t Want To Miss. These parenting blogs give tips, advice, recipes, and even stories to inspire and in which we can all relate. The only problem is… there are just too many amazing blogs that encourage and help parents out there! As much as I wish to feature […]

5 Parenting Blogs You Don’t Want to Miss

If you are anything like me, you love researching ways to improve your life as a parent. Or advice on how to get gum out of carpet. Or just searching for someone who can relate to your parenthood struggle. Or even how to leave your legacy behind for your children and future generations. Let me help with that! I […]

Ready for a good Valentine’s Day laugh?

Recently I read a post on Reader’s Digest that had me laughing hysterically. The story about meeting online was one of the best, in my opinion. Check out the stories at Reader’s Digest and be sure to share some of your favorite or funny Valentine memories in the comments below. Even better, record them using the Legacy Journal […]

Could one gift change your life?

This post is brought to you by Ken Wimberly, founder of the Legacy of Love app. A few years ago, I gave my wife a gift that continues to make an impact on my life with each passing day. When I gave it to her, it seemed more like a novelty. It was a thoughtful […]

How to Dramatically Increase Your Results in 1-Minute Per Day

This post is brought to you by Ken Wimberly, founder of the Legacy Journal app. Like most of the world, I have spent a considerable amount of time trying to figure out how to find the motivation and become more committed to the goals I have set for myself. Last year I endeavored on an […]