Time is a Gift (Don’t let it slip away)

Time Slip Away

What is the most meaningful gift you have ever been given? For me, it was memories. On my 30th birthday, my stepmother gave me a scrapbook. She had lovingly filled a leather-bound book with photos, with notes and stories written in the margins—thirty years of memories. My stepmother gifted me the story of my life. […]

Kids Say The Funniest Things…

Kids Say The Funniest Things

One of the most fun (and occasionally embarrassing) parts of being a parent is hearing the hilarious things our kids say! They really don’t have much of a filter, so their brutally honest takes on life are so interesting to listen to. Kids see the world in a completely different way than adults do. They […]

Say The Words

Family Sweet Words

Say the Words Words carry power.  Words can start wars, and they can melt hearts.  They can repair relationships, or tear them apart. The way we say the words, and the ones we choose to say, matter. The words we say to our children carry the most power. Whether it seems like it or not, […]

Family Date Nights

Family Date Nights

The most valuable gift we can give our kids is quality time together.  Whether it’s a daddy-daughter date night, or a mother-son beach day, spending time with each of your children is something they’ll never forget. It’s also an amazing memory to create for yourself as a parent, to see just how much your child […]

A Few Lessons From Dad

Dad Lessons

As our kids grow up, we do our best to teach them all of the important things.  We teach them everything from how to keep their room clean to being a kind and positive member of society. But once our kids get to that sweet age of 18, and they’re ready to leave the nest […]

Magic Moments

Family Magic Moments

What does it mean to create and capture the magic moments of life? Magic moments can be found anywhere, whether it’s a real life magic trick, or sharing your love and appreciation with a partner or friend. Magic Moments I first heard of the concept of Magic Moments at a family mastermind a few years […]

Milestones + Moments

Milestone Moments

What are the Milestone moments of life? More importantly, how are you saving them to look back on years from now? It’s so easy for these important moments to get washed away into our camera roll… Here’s how to solve that! Milestone Moments These are the big moments, the big rocks, the growth chart moments […]

Letters from Bobby

I was warming up and hitting golf balls at the driving range when I got the news. My mother had died. When I saw an incoming call from my aunt that I seldomly speak to my heart had a sinking feeling. I somehow knew that once I answered the call my world would be dramatically […]

Save the Date! Four Ways to DIY Your Staycation

It’s a new year, a fresh start! It’s the perfect time to reconnect and exercise those gratitude muscles. Now more than ever, time away from the everyday is critical to maintaining the entire family’s well-being as well as managing stress. If that vacation time goes unused it can cost more than you know. It’s been […]