Alternative Schooling Options to Help your Child Learn More Effectively

The idea of alternative schooling is becoming ever popular especially in today’s time of COVID-19. However, many parents don’t even know there are other options out there than the traditional schooling they experienced as a child. In 2020, there are endless options for your child to receive an education in a way that allows them to learn comfortably. From online school to Acton Academies, to homeschooling, or Montessori schools, there are many options for your child to learn in a way that suits them best!

Online School

This option is the most relevant to current times; your child might even already be attending school online right now due to COVID-19. The number of children enrolling in full time online school has been increasing drastically in the past 5 years. Now there is some form of online school offered in every state across the country. Many choose online schooling as an option because it allows a child to attend extracurricular activities that may interfere with a typical 8-3 school day or it is the most comfortable way for their child to learn. Finding the best and most efficient way for your child to learn is key when deciding on alternative schooling.

Acton Academy

The Acton Academy ideal is taking the world by storm as it is classified as a new learning revolution. An Acton Academy allows your child to learn in a variety of ways with hands-on projects, critical thinking, and adaptive programs that are catered to the way your child learns best. This alternative schooling option relies heavily on self-directed learning and gives your child a chance to decide what is best for them. Many parents are now enrolling their children in Acton Academies across the country as it takes a new approach on learning.

Home School

Homeschooling has been around just as long as traditional schooling, if not longer! Homeschooling allows your child to learn from the comfort of your home or in other areas they wish to learn in. This allows for the most flexibility of all the alternative options. Many choose to homeschool if their child has extracurriculars that overlap with a traditional school day or if they have been dissatisfied with the learning their child has received in the past. This may be the answer to your questions if your child is not succeeding in a traditional school setting!

Montessori School

Montessori schools were developed in Italy as a way for children to direct their learning in a comfortable environment without all the stress of grades and tests. While it is a popular option for mostly younger children, there are options for Montessori schooling through high school too. The Montessori School was developed as a way to promote peace throughout the school day, something that is often lacking in a chaotic traditional classroom. Studies have shown that it is an effective way of learning for children who are proactive and capable of initiating learning. 

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