New Short Film Shares Advice for Daughters from Dads Around the World

Fort Worth, TX (Nov. 3rd, 2021) — Legacy Journal, the parent-to-child mobile journaling app, today released “The Letter”, a short film that shares advice sourced from hundreds of dads from around the world to inspire hope and empowerment for young adult children as they venture into the world and shape their identities.

“When my daughter graduated I wanted to share advice to help guide her journey and I asked other Dads in my network for their input. It grew into something magical as parents from around the world contributed ideas. As a film, ‘The Letter’ condenses all that wisdom into a story of love and hope that I am confident will help parents to feel more connected and present with their children as they leave the nest,” said Legacy Journal’s founder, Ken Wimberly.

With its cinematic approach, “The Letter” follows a young woman reading a letter from her father as she boards a bus into her unknown future. As her father narrates, his voice and advice are artfully replaced with the voices of dads from different backgrounds and experiences.

“In a world driven by the pressures of social media “The Letter” shares an important message for young adults, wherever they might be on the planet, to always remember that each of us gets to define who we are each day.” Ken continued.

Ken, who developed the Legacy Journal mobile app and commissioned the film, has made it his mission to help parents and children build stronger bonds in the present and for the future. The Legacy Journal App (www.LegacyJournal.app) is available in the App Store and Google Play Store. 


About Legacy Journal App

Legacy Journal (www.LegacyJournal.app) is the parent-to-child journaling app that freeze-frames time and captures the precious moments that connect us as families. Most parents struggle to start and keep a journal because inertia and the busyness of life gets in the way, but as a digital solution, Legacy Journal makes it easy, fast, safe, and fun to build a healthy habit and a timeless keepsake. Founded by Ken Wimberly, a Fort Worth father of three and successful entrepreneur, Legacy of Love, Inc. is a privately held company.

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Download and Begin Recording Your Legacy Today!

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Download and Begin Recording Your Legacy Today!

Legacy Journal is free to download!

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