What you leave behind is not what is woven into stone monuments, but what is woven into the lives of others.

- Pericles


To help families capture, document, and share the journeys they take together as parents, grandparents, and children.


To help millions of parents and grandparents freeze-frame time and capture the precious
moments of life before they fade from memory with the passage of time.

Family Sweet Words


Heart to heart conversations

  • Insight into loved one
  • Timeline of life
  • Your life through my eyes
  • Perspective on life decisions (that might not be understood by the children at the time of
    the decision)
  • Capture memories that might otherwise fade away with time


TIME is more valuable than money, and it is the ultimate expression of love

Meet The Team

Ken Wimberly

Texas Christian University
Founder & CEO

Ethan Garr

American University

Melissa Castro

Director of WOW

Holly Malone

Brand Champion

Leanna Giancola

Social Media Maven

AJ Yager


Brad Duffin

Outbound Marketing

Knox Wimberly


Kevin Bolger

DePaul University
Lead Developer

Sean Doyce

DePaul University

Bryan Jimenez

Universidad Adventista de las Antillas
Web Designer

Nate Kapitanski


Dr. Kelly Flanagan


Victoria Wise

Texas Christian University

Jay Wong

Our Guiding Principles​

● We value resilience and grit
● We have a sense of humor and fun-loving nature
● We LOVE to WOW our customers
● We learn quickly and continuously
● Our team has a strong bias toward action
● We share an attitude of gratitude

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