5 Parenting Blogs You Don’t Want to Miss

If you are anything like me, you love researching ways to improve your life as a parent. Or advice on how to get gum out of carpet. Or just searching for someone who can relate to your parenthood struggle. Or even how to leave your legacy behind for your children and future generations.

Let me help with that! I have compiled a list of five of our favorite “parenting blogs”. Don’t fret – there are many more to come, so be on the lookout!

credit to: Bernard Hermant


1. Mom.com

credit: mom.com

The slogan at mom.com is Empower her. Be Her Village. Shape the World. I don’t know about you, but that gives me chills! The team over at Mom.com is EXTENSIVE and full of experience. From getting pregnant to pregnancy to toddlerhood; school-age kids to college – they have the answers. I’ll just let them tell you: 


“When it comes to motherhood, so many words come to mind. Happy. Joyous. Exhausting. At Mom.com, we’ve been there, and we get it. That’s why we want to invite you to join a supportive community of moms who value expert advice (hello, help for tantrums!), as well as been-there-done-that stories from moms who’ve held strong on the front lines of parenthood.

Let’s be honest. At one point, none of us knew what we were doing as parents. Until we did it.

Mom.com is a place created by moms that offers tools to help parents raise the next generation of happy, kind and confident kids. And while you’re here, we want to keep you up on the latest — news, entertainment, gear, and daily inspo for your busy life. We know that whether you work your tail off at home or in an office, you and your kids deserve the best. And we’re here to give our best to you.

After all, you’ve earned it, Mama!”


2. Mom Blog Society

Credit: MomBlogSociety

I know that I personally enjoy the recommendations brought about by Mom Blog Society. The individuals in place there take their personal time to investigate and test products for families before promoting them in any capacity. Not only do they delivery cutting-edge ideas to help with things like task management, but they also provide gift guides for holidays and back to school! Definitely worth checking out.


3. Rockin Mama

Credit: Rockin Mama

As the title of her blog says, this mama ROCKS! She collaborates with many brands and bloggers that most parents are familiar with (ie., Whirlpool, Walmart, and Verizon). Her recipes are amazing, and she even includes a section for those with food allergies. Her advice and posts range from travel tips to family films; DIY/crafting to events. She even has a personal blog for you to follow. You do not want to miss this rockin’ mama!


4. Motherly

Credit: mother.ly


Mother.ly helps Millennial women through the journey of motherhood. This website is by mothers, for mothers. Who better to offer expert advice and tricks-of-the-trade than those women who have been through the adventure already? One of the best features is the personalized, week-to-week guides that help you in whatever position you are in. From mothers who have been there, done that, and gotten the stained t-shirt… this website has a plethora of content to offer all different types of moms.


5. Scary Mommy


credit: scarymommy

Finally, I bring to you one of my all-time favorite mommy blogs. Scary Mommy is one of the funniest, most realistic websites devoted to parenthood that I have come across. The articles start from pre-conception and proceed through adulthood. Advice, tricks, hacks – they are all present. Fun and games can be found for family, or couple, fun. Having a moment where you are up to your eyeballs with frustration and just need to vent? There’s a place for that – confession.


Honorable Mention: Legacy Journal app

Capture your children’s memorable moments, write them letters, send voice memos, track their milestones – there is so much that can be done with this app. Give it a try! There is a free (as well as paid) version of the app that can be installed from the app or play store (iOS or Android) now, or you can sign up for the BETA testing that will begin within the next one to two weeks. As we are still working out a few bugs, we ask that you please be patient if you opt to try the app now. We are working diligently to get the errors resolved as soon as possible and welcome you to sign up for BETA testing to help us iron those kinks out. You will also be first to know when the new version of the app is live!


I hope you enjoy the sites listed above and feel free to share your favorites in the comments!


This post has been brought to you by Jessica Cleveland – mother, writer, creative producer at Under the Tower Productions, and team member here at Legacy Journal

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Download and Begin Recording Your Legacy Today!

Legacy Journal is free to download!

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