5 MORE Parenting Blogs We Love

Last week, we explored 5 Parenting Blogs You Don’t Want To Miss. These parenting blogs give tips, advice, recipes, and even stories to inspire and in which we can all relate. The only problem is… there are just too many amazing blogs that encourage and help parents out there! As much as I wish to feature them all, the post would simply be too long for anyone to get through.

Today, we will bring you 5 additional “parenting blogs” to check out. I am sure there will be more, so check back with us. New parenting blogs are posted every Friday!

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1. Tech Savvy Mama


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Leticia Barr, founder of Tech Savvy Mom, has a background in classroom technology integration and school administration. She uses this knowledge to help empower and educate parents in today’s digital era. Raising kids in an online world can be challenging, but the advice of Tech Savvy Mom truly makes a difference. From technology in general, to parenting tips and travel advice, this blog covers a wide array of topics. Be sure you check out the education section on the site for free advice and classes.

2. Redefining Mom


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Redefining Mom was established by Monica Froese initially as a place to vent about maternity leave policies in the United States. Eventually, her story grew and now the motto is “Where Women Thrive in Motherhood and Business”. This blog is an empowering place for any mother, stay-at-home or otherwise. There are tips about how to run a successful online blog and budgeting for a family. There are a plethora of articles about being a working mom. Did I mention that this wonderful site also offers freebies? Be sure to check it out!


3. Growing Slower / Affording Motherhood

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At Affording Motherhood, founder Shannon believes that you can thrive financially being a stay-at-home mom. Since the site came onto the scene in 2011, she has offered free blog articles, emails, and videos to help mothers on their path to financial freedom from home. One of the most helpful tools available on the site is a Free Budgeting Course. As someone who has participated, I can vouch for the help that is offered. The blog section offers tips on getting out of debtsaving money on groceriesworking from home, and even how to start your own blog. Products include the Budget BreakthroughThe Five O’Clock Fix, and The 30 Day Savings Challenge. With so much amazing content, this is a blog that should definitely be on your radar.


4. Lucie’s List

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Taglined “A Survival Guide for New Parents”, Lucie’s List meets those expectations. Meg, the founder and amazing mother behind the site, didn’t want other mothers to go through what she had to as a new mom without any knowledge of what to expect. Initially started as a newsletter to help deliver advice on pregnancy and beyond, the site has now morphed into an amazingly supportive parenting community. You can find advice on creating your baby registryguides to gear for new parents (and old), ages and stages (such as pregnancypostpartuminfantstoddlers, and preschool), educational, truthful information on a variety of topics. If you are pregnant, a new parent, or just looking to up your game, check out this site.


5. Baby Boy Bakery

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Baby Boy Bakery is a “brand that encompasses family, food, travel, and simple ways to make life exciting”. You can find family stories to help you feel not-so-alone. The recipes will help you out in any kind of pinch. A column on traveling as a family will give you tips and tricks for your next adventure. If you’re having trouble staying in shape, the fitness section is sure to help. A fun video series titled “What’s For Dinner?” features simple dinner advice the whole family will love. Be sure to check it out!

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Have a blog in mind for us to check out? Let us know in the comments below!

This post has been brought to you by Jessica Cleveland – mother, writer, creative producer at Under the Tower Productions, and team member here at Legacy of Love.

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